Deluxe Campers

The deluxe program allows us to set up your pets stay with us based on their individual needs. Your pet will have their own indoor suite with an outdoor patio. If your dog can be outside they have multiple exercise sessions throughout the day.Deluxe boarding is ideal for campers who 

  • Have special needs: diabetic, seizures, extensive medications, more one on one monitoring
  • Geriatric and post surgical
  • Dogs with a high level of activity
  • Dogs that need socialization 
  • Puppies
  • Dogs who want to be in playgroups


*We offer a 10% Cash discount if paid by cash ($31.50)


General Campers

General boarding is designed for the young healthy dog. Your dog will have an indoor suite with a covered outdoor patio. General boarding includes one 20 minute exercise session/day.


*We offer a 10% Cash Discount if paid by cash ($22.50)


Premium Campers

This is for our cage-free friends. It isn't for just any dog.  Most dogs enjoy their own suite when they are not out playing.  Cage-free allows your dog to have access to our playroom throughout the day and evening.  They will have a chance to spend time outside before bed. In order to do the cage free boarding your pet must come in for a couple days of daycare before your boarding reservation, so we can get to know your dogs personality. 


* We offer a 10% Cash Discount if paid by cash ($40.50)

Additional Information

  • If your dog has medications there will be $1 charge for each medication administration.
  • There will be a $2 rate increase over holidays 
  • There is a $5 fee for insulin administration
  • All dogs are required to be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and canine influenza Vaccines
  • We recommend that the Bordetella vaccine be given in the form of intranasal or injectable. We have been finding that when the vaccine has been given orally there has been  a break in the vaccine
  • Bedding is welcome
  • Please leave all food and water dishes at home, we will provide them for you
  • You can pack your own food or you can use our food at no charge (we feed Fromm products)
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